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Writing Assessment Consulting Brings Over 15-years Experience in Writing Assessments.

We work directly with school districts and teachers to help improve their students' standardized writing assessment performance. We can train your teachers.

We work directly with school districts and teachers at all grade levels to help improve their students’ performance on standardized writing assessments.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our schools.

Melissa Brown has over 20 years of experience in the Education Industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.


Written assessments have become a standard mechanism for measuring student progress. Unfortunately a significant disconnect has been developed between teachers and the firms that conduct writing assessments on behalf of various school districts.

The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that only 24% of students in the 8th and 12th grades are able to write at a proficient level. Over 70% of students are writing at a Basic or Below Basic writing level.

When we enter a new school district, we help to level the playing field for your teachers. We provide foundational education for your team, conduct analytics to assess your current status, and help implement a roadmap designed for your teachers to get students on track for improved performance.

What my customers say about me and my work.

“Our students are good writers, but teachers have struggled with pushing students to become great writers. Making sure that we are keeping expectations high and maintaining consistency across grade levels continues to be a challenge. Mrs. Brown really helped my teachers to interpret the TnReady rubric and set consistent expectations for all students. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in assessing writing. She looked at student papers, giving specific feedback, and generalizing areas of focus to improve writing and increase achievement. Mrs. Brown provided one of the most productive Professional Development sessions we have had here.”

Bertie Alligood, PrincipalPrincipal, Walton Ferry Elementary

What We Can Do For Your School

Assessment Benchmarking

Establish the benchmark for your school.

This is no general assessment. We evaluate where your individual grades are compared to where they should be and provide very specific and actionable feedback.

Educate on Rubric Standards

We remove the guesswork from writing assessments.

We provide your teachers a foundation on the educational standards and how they are measured by the assessment companies.

Customized for Your School

We create a custom educator program based on your needs.

The insights we gain in benchmarking your individual grades provides us the insight on how to provide targeted education to address your unique needs.

Training Workshops

No educational or training program is effective if it’s not sustainable.

We also conduct follow-up training workshops to ensure ongoing sustainability.

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